SOL (Sun)
ARATA (New in Japanese)

As "Sol" represents the sun and "Arata" represents new, SOLATA symbolises a bright future similar to sun rise over the horizon.
Famous for our signature haircut technique,we specialise in creating volumised hairstyle for individuals with thin hair concerns.
Combined with the use of our Biotech technology to promote hair growth,
results in the creation of beautiful and volumised hairstyles for all ages.



Transforming you, a better tomorrow


Providing Instant and Lasting Hair Volumising solutions


- Instant results from our signature volume cut and treatment
- Create lasting volume and hair growth with the use of hair growth
technology from Japanese Pioneer in its field.

Biotech is a salon with over 60 outlets in Japan, specialising in Hair Growth Treatments. With over 30 years of experience, we transform you through the combined use of our signature volumising hair cut (to complement your facial features) and our expert self-formulated hair growth treatment (IGF-1).

We specialise in helping individuals with the following hair concerns

- Thin and Flat Hair
- Hair Condition (eg. Damaged hair, itchy scalp, hair loss, etc)
- Looking for Hair Growth treatments with instant/faster results



The Heart Of Orchard Road

Conveniently located in Shaw House, 5 minutes walk from Orchard MRT.

Pioneer of Hair Growth Treatments in Japan

Our parent company, Biotech Inc, has over 60 outlets throughout japan, specialising in hair growth treatments. With over 30 years of experience and history, made us one of the top hair solution companies in Japan.

Hair Growth Technology

We provide IGF-1 hair growth treatment which restores normal hair growth and reduces hair loss.